Patriots First Proudly Endorses Gerrick Wilkins for Congress District 6

In the spirit of true American values and the visionary foresight of our founding fathers, Patriots First is immensely proud to endorse Gerrick Wilkins for Congress. Gerrick embodies the very essence of what our great nation was built upon—a steadfast belief in liberty, a profound commitment to faith, and an unwavering dedication to serving the people over the pursuit of a lifelong political career.

Gerrick Wilkins is not your typical politician. In an era where the halls of Congress seem more disconnected from the American people than ever, Gerrick stands out as a beacon of hope. He is a true citizen legislator, a concept deeply rooted in the ideals of our founding fathers, who envisioned a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Gerrick's commitment to serving a maximum of three terms in office is not just a promise—it's a testament to his belief in the principle of term limits, ensuring that fresh perspectives and new ideas continually rejuvenate our nation's legislative body.

Moreover, Gerrick's unwavering faith and moral compass guide his every decision. He understands that our nation's strength doesn't just come from laws and policies but from the spiritual and moral values that bind us. Gerrick's dedication to his faith and his active involvement in his local church and mission work reflect a man who truly walks the walk. His conviction that “We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone,” a quote from President Ronald Reagan that Gerrick holds dear, exemplifies his approach to public service—one grounded in compassion, empathy, and a genuine desire to uplift those around him.

In these trying times, when the fabric of our society is under attack from the radical left, attempting to erode our religious freedoms and the very principles our country was founded upon, Gerrick Wilkins stands as a steadfast defender of our liberties. His determination to combat the "woke" agenda and preserve the sanctity of the family unit resonates with the core values of Patriots First. Gerrick is not just fighting for policy changes; he's fighting to preserve the American way of life.

Patriots First believes that Gerrick Wilkins is the embodiment of what a Congressman should be. His service-first mentality, deep-rooted faith, and commitment to term limits are exactly what Alabama, and America, need at this pivotal moment. Gerrick Wilkins is not pursuing a career in politics; he is answering a call to service, driven by a profound belief in the principles that have made our nation great.

We call upon all true patriots to stand with us in supporting Gerrick Wilkins—a man of integrity, faith, and unwavering conviction. Let's send a clear message that we, the people, demand representatives who reflect our values, honor our heritage, and work tirelessly for the betterment of all Americans. Gerrick Wilkins is the leader our founding fathers envisioned, and it is our honor to give him our full endorsement.