Patriots First Endorses for Dick Brewbaker for Second Congressional District

As a conservative coalition dedicated to upholding the foundational values of our nation and ensuring that our constitutional rights are fiercely protected, we at Patriots First are proud to officially endorse Dick Brewbaker for Congress. Our endorsement is not given lightly; it is earned through a demonstrated commitment to the principles that lie at the heart of our mission—principles that Dick Brewbaker has exemplified throughout his career.

As a former State Senator and State House Member, Brewbaker has consistently been rated as one of the most conservative members of the State Legislature, a testament to his adherence to principles that prioritize small business, family values, and the sanctity of life. His plan to fix our economy, secure our borders, and drain the swamp in Washington reflect a deep-seated commitment to not just talk the talk, but walk the walk.

Dick Brewbaker has championed the cause of electoral transparency, spearheading initiatives to enhance the security and fairness of our voting processes. His efforts have led to ensuring every vote is counted accurately, reflecting the true will of the people.

 Understanding the ultimate importance of the Constitution, Brewbaker has stood firm against any attempt  to dilute our fundamental rights. His leadership was crucial in blocking legislation that threatened to infringe upon our freedom of speech and right to bear arms, thereby safeguarding the liberties our nation holds sacred.

Brewbaker's pledge to serve no more than 10 years in Congress underscores his belief in the importance of public service over a career in  politics. His tenure as a State Senator, where he honored a similar commitment walking away from a safe Senate seat after two terms exemplifies his integrity and dedication to principle over personal gain.

Moreover, his work beyond politics—as the long-time president of Brewbaker Motors, a former educator, and a church elder—illustrates his multifaceted commitment to community and family. These roles have instilled in him  a profound understanding of the challenges facing everyday Alabamians and the importance of faith, family, and freedom.

Brewbaker's vision for a government that adheres to the principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility, and the protection of individual liberties is precisely what Alabama, and indeed our nation, needs at this critical juncture. His proven track record of effective leadership, principled advocacy, and dedicated public service assures us that he is the right choice. He has proven he will always put American first. He is proud to be called a deplorable by Hillary Clinton and be ridiculed by Barack Obama for clinging to his religion and guns.

For those who believe in a prosperous, secure, and free America, Dick Brewbaker embodies the leadership and vision required to guide us forward. His proven track record, principled leadership, and dedication to the foundational values of our nation make him the clear choice for Alabama's 2nd Congressional District. Join us in supporting a true patriot who will fight tirelessly for our rights, our values, and our future. Vote Dick Brewbaker for Congress—a leader who stands with and for the people.

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