Ashley Hilburn and Angela Shepard are the distinguished founders of Patriots First Alabama, an organization steadfast in its mission to safeguard and promote the constitutional rights enshrined by the founding fathers of the United States. Their leadership has been pivotal in directing the group's focus towards advocating for election integrity, and the preservation of constitutional rights and family values within Alabama. Perry Hooper, with his rich history of legislative accomplishments and unwavering dedication to conservative Republican  principles, serves as the Honorary Chairman. Together, their collective vision and leadership guide Patriots First Alabama in its endeavors to ensure that the core values of freedom, integrity, and patriotism remain at the forefront of the state's political landscape.

Angela Sheppard - Cofounder

Angela Shepard is the distinguished co-founder of Patriots First Alabama, bringing a wealth of experience and dedication to improving the election process in Alabama. As a devoted wife to Scott, the Auburn baseball chaplain, and mother to four amazing children, Angela's roots are deeply embedded in the Auburn community of where she actively engages in grassroots efforts to ensure the integrity and transparency of elections.

Angela's commitment to election integrity is evident in her hands-on approach, famously known as the "crazy ballot lady" for her demonstration of the vulnerabilities in the election system by making multiple plain paper copies of her absentee ballot to test the tabulators. This act highlighted the need for stricter election security measures, an issue she  tirelessly advocates.

She has also been instrumental in expanding access to the democratic process by working to increase the number of polling locations in Lee County, addressing overcrowding and making voting more accessible for all residents. Angela's efforts extend beyond local initiatives, as she travels across Alabama to educate citizens and local Republican officials on the electoral process and encourages active participation at the local level.

Her work is not limited to grassroots activism; Angela plays a crucial role in shaping policy and legislation related to election integrity. As a member of both the Republican state and executive  and Lee committees of Alabama, she works hand in hand with the state party to pass meaningful legislation that ensures the elections in Alabama are transparent and accurate.

Angela Shepard's vision for Patriots First Alabama is rooted in her belief in the power of informed and active citizenship. Through her leadership, she aims to continue advocating for election integrity, transparency, and accountability, ensuring that Alabama's elections serve as a model of democratic principles in action. Her dedication to these causes makes her a pivotal figure in the fight for a fair and just electoral system in Alabama.


Ashley Tortorigi Hilburn - Co-founder


My name is Ashley Hilburn, and I proudly serve as a devoted follower of Jesus Christ. I am honored to fulfill multiple roles in my life, including being a dedicated wife, a caring mother, a diligent small business owner, and a passionate educator who homeschools my child. Currently, I reside on a charming hobby farm located in Odenville, Alabama.

Advocacy and Beliefs

One of my greatest passions lies in advocating for legislation that upholds the values of our constitution and supports families. I firmly believe in the principles articulated in the platform of the Alabama Republican party and consistently strive to encourage the state party in fulfilling its commitments. You can find the party platform at this link: http://tinyurl.com/ALGOP-Party-Platform.

Involvement and Achievements

I have had the privilege to be elected as a member of the St. Clair County Republican Party Executive Committee. Additionally, I serve on the Alabama Republican Party State Executive Committee. As a dedicated member of the State Executive Committee, I have co-sponsored a resolution endorsing legislation that mandates Post-Election Audits. I firmly stand for transparency and accountability in our electoral process. You can find the resolution at this link: <http://tinyurl.com/ALGOP-Resolution-2023-2-1>.

Moreover, I am deeply committed to empowering individuals with knowledge on effectively engaging with the legislative process and participating in grassroots movements throughout Alabama. I firmly believe that through active citizenship, we can pass state laws that protect our fundamental freedoms bestowed upon us by God and the U.S. Constitution, while also inhibiting excessive government interference.

Notably, I have forged valuable relationships with state legislators and collaborated closely with grassroots citizens from various conservative organizations. Together, we played a pivotal role in the successful enactment of the Parental Rights Protection Act in Alabama in 2023. I remain dedicated to advancing constitutional principles, engaging with grassroots communities, and striving for a brighter future for Alabama.  You can find the Parental Rights Protection at this link: http://tinyurl.com/HB6-Act2023-5555.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, my commitment to advocating for our constitutional rights and building a flourishing Alabama drives my engagement in various roles and efforts. Through my multi-faceted pursuits, I aim to contribute to a society that values liberty and empowers its citizens to actively participate in shaping its future.


Jeana Boggs: Endorsement Director

Jeana Boggs, serving as the Endorsement Director for Patriots First, brings a wealth of experience in political strategy, grassroots campaigning, and media relations. With a fervent belief in the core values and missions of Patriots First, Jeanna is dedicated to championing the voices of constitutional conservatism and ensuring that candidates who align with these values receive the support they need to make impactful changes.

Jeana is the founder of Boggs Reporting and Video, a company that has set industry standards in providing comprehensive court reporting and video services. Her venture into this field was driven by a passion for transparency, accuracy, and reliability—qualities that she has seamlessly transitioned into her political advocacy work. Under her leadership, Boggs Reporting and Video has become synonymous with excellence, serving a wide array of clients and becoming a trusted name in legal and professional circles.

Outside the courtroom, Jeana's heart beats for political activism. Her journey into the political arena is marked by a series of successful grassroots campaigns that have supported numerous candidates who stand firm on the principles of freedom, integrity, and accountability. Jeanna's approach to grassroots campaigning is both strategic and heartfelt, focusing on building genuine connections, understanding community needs, and mobilizing support through effective communication and organization.

Her work has not only contributed to the election of principled leaders but has also played a pivotal role in fostering a politically engaged and informed community. Jeanna's expertise in media and communication has been a key asset in these endeavors, allowing her to craft compelling narratives that resonate with voters and drive momentum for the causes she champions.

As the Endorsement Director at Patriots First, Jeana Boggs leverages her extensive experience in both the professional and political realms to guide the organization's endorsement processes. She works diligently to identify, vet, and support candidates who exemplify the organization's commitment to constitutional rights, personal freedom, and limited government. Her strategic vision and unwavering dedication to the cause are instrumental in advancing the mission of Patriots First and ensuring that endorsed candidates have the resources and support network they need to succeed.

Jeana's leadership in this role is marked by a collaborative spirit, a deep understanding of political landscapes, and a commitment to fostering a future where conservative values thrive. Her work continues to inspire and mobilize supporters, making her a cornerstone of the Patriots First leadership team.



Melissa Isaak Legal Director

As the Legal Director for Patriots First Alabama, Melissa Isaak embodies a fervent spirit and unwavering dedication to the principles that drive our mission. Patriots First Alabama, rooted deeply in the preservation of our constitutional rights, finds in Melissa a champion for the cause, a guardian of our liberties, and an advisor whose legal acumen is matched only by her passion for our foundational values.

Melissa's journey in the legal field is marked by an illustrious career dedicated to the defense of constitutional freedoms. She has navigated through various roles, from defending the rights of individuals in courtrooms to offering legal counsel to organizations championing civil liberties.

In her Director’s capacity at Patriots First Alabama, Melissa lends her extensive legal expertise to navigate the complex landscape of laws affecting our constitutional rights. Her role is pivotal in crafting strategies that bolster our mission to uphold the core values our nation was built upon—especially focusing on the importance of free speech, religious liberty, the right to bear arms, and ensuring the integrity of our electoral process.

Melissa's work is a testament to Patriots First Alabama's commitment to instilling God-centered values in all facets of government and education, opposing censorship by big tech, and fighting for the rights of parents and individuals across the state.

Her expertise helps Patriots First Alabama in our vigilance against governmental overreach and in our proactive efforts to ensure that Alabama remains a beacon of freedom and integrity.

Melissa Isaak, through her Legal Directors role, continues to be an indispensable asset to Patriots First Alabama. Her dedication to our cause, her profound legal insights, and her unwavering commitment to our constitutional rights make her not just an advisor but a leading figure in the fight to protect and preserve the liberties that define us as Alabamians and as Americans.

Perry O Hooper Jr. - Honorary Chairman

Perry O. Hooper Jr., a distinguished and dedicated advocate for Republican causes has been elected as the Honorary Chairman of Patriots First Alabama.  Perry has devoted his  public career to advocating for conservative principles and the advancement of the Republican Party at both the state and national levels.

Hooper's political journey is marked by his tenure as a Republican Representative for District 73 (Montgomery County) in the Alabama House of Representatives from 1983 to 2002. Throughout his legislative career, he was re-elected for five consecutive terms, demonstrating unwavering commitment and leadership. As a lawmaker, Perry championed significant legislative accomplishments including tort reform, the development of Enterprise Zones, and sponsorship of incentive packages for new business development that attracted major companies like Honda, Mercedes, and Hyundai to Alabama. He was also the chief sponsor of pivotal legislation such as the constitutional amendment to prohibit judges from raising taxes without legislative approval, and bills to protect school teachers and administrators, allow a moment of silence in public schools, ban partial birth abortions, and strengthen the Medicaid trust fund. Perry also sponsored the Honest Elections Bill that included voter ID and strengthen requirements to vote absentee.  This legislation also prohibited lawyers from contributing to Judges that they have a case in their court.

Beyond his legislative achievements, Hooper has played a vital role in the Republican Party. He has been an elected delegate to six GOP conventions and served on the 1992 Platform Committee and the Convention’s Rules Committee in 1996 and 2004. His contributions to presidential campaigns, including serving as Trump’s Alabama Victory  Chairman in 2016 and his involvement in Trump's Finance Committee 2020, underline his influence and dedication to the party's success at the national level.

Perry's commitment to his community and the state of Alabama extends beyond politics. He has been actively involved in various community and cultural boards, including the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame Selection Committee, the Bryant Jordan Student Athlete Program, and the Alabama Music Hall of Fame. His efforts to bring professional sports and cultural enrichment to Montgomery speak to his passion for enhancing the quality of life in Alabama.

Educated at Auburn University and Faulkner University's Jones School of Law, Hooper brings a combination of business acumen and practical political experience to his role as Honorary Chairman of Patriots First Alabama. His leadership and vision are assets to the organization, as it seeks to uphold and advance conservative values and policies in the state.

Perry is married to Judy McKissick Hooper, a retired teacher and former All-American Cheerleader at Auburn. Together, they have three sons, who have pursued successful careers in medicine, sales, and construction, reflecting the family's tradition of service, excellence, and community involvement.

As Honorary Chairman of Patriots First Alabama, Perry O. Hooper Jr. embodies the values and dedication necessary to serve in the leadership of the organization in its mission to ensure that conservative principles continue to thrive in Alabama. Above all he is proud to be referred to as Ultra MAGA.