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"In this pivotal moment, Patriots First Alabama calls upon every true American patriot to rise and join the fight against the Marxist left's agenda, a battle for the very heart and soul of our nation. We must stand united in defending our cherished freedoms and the foundational values that make America exceptional. This is not just a call to political action; it's a call to uphold the American spirit, to protect our heritage and future from ideologies that threaten to erode our liberties and way of life. We urge you to be vigilant, to be vocal, and to actively participate in safeguarding our Republic. Join us in this critical mission to ensure that the beacon of liberty, prosperity, and democracy continues to shine as a symbol of hope and strength across the world. Stand with Patriots First Alabama, and together, let us keep the American Dream alive for generations to come. The time to act is now – for our country, our liberty, and our cherished American way of life."

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