Patriots First is Proud to Endorse Ann Eubank for the Alabama State School Board District 3

Patriots First is proud to officially endorse Ann Eubank for the Alabama State School Board - District 3. Ann's unwavering commitment to educational excellence and her steadfast opposition to Common Core align perfectly with our mission to uphold the constitutional rights and liberties that are foundational to our great state of Alabama.

Ann Eubank's journey to a passionate grassroots activist exemplifies the very essence of civic duty and patriotism. Her decision after retiring to become an unpaid, full-time citizen lobbyist was driven by a genuine concern for the direction of our education system. Witnessing firsthand the impact of Common Core on her grandson's education, Ann dedicated the last 15 years of her life to researching, advocating, and fighting for the overhaul of Alabama's public education system.

Her stance against Common Core, or as it is known, National Standards, is not just a political position but a battle cry for parents, educators, and legislators to reclaim control over Alabama's educational future. The introduction of Common Core in 2009 marked a significant downturn in the quality of education, according to Eubank, and she has been at the forefront of the fight to reverse this trend.

As a member of the Alabama Legislative Watchdogs, Ann has provided in-depth analysis and critical evaluation of legislation affecting education. Her involvement with the Jefferson County Mid-Alabama Republican Club and countless other conservative organizations across the state has enabled her to spread her message far and wide, educating citizens on the perils of a one-size-fits-all education standard.

Furthermore, Ann's work with Moms for Liberty highlights her commitment to defending parental rights and advocating for liberty-minded educational policies. Her role as co-chair of the Alabama Conservative Coalition and her advisory position for significant political campaigns underscore her influence and dedication to conservative principles.

Ann Eubank's vision for an education system that mirrors the success stories of states like Florida is both inspiring and attainable. She believes in the power of local control over education, the importance of listening to the concerns of parents and students, and the necessity of fresh perspectives on the State School Board.

Patriots First believes that Ann Eubank represents the best of Alabama - a true patriot dedicated to the service of her community and the betterment of our children's future. Her grassroots activism, combined with her clear stance against Common Core, makes her the ideal candidate for the Alabama State School Board - District 3.  We encourage all who cherish our constitutional rights, parental authority, and educational excellence to support Ann Eubank in her campaign. Together, we can restore Alabama's education system to its rightful place at the top, ensuring a bright and prosperous future for all our children.