We Greatly Appreciate Your Principled Leadership

I hope you had a great weekend! We are writing to you today as a deeply appreciative group of Alabama citizens  who are proud of the principled stand you  took last Thursday against the expansion of gambling in the State of Alabama. Your decision to vote 'No' on the Constitutional Amendment to legalize and expand gambling  reflects  your high level of integrity and commitment to the foundational values that define us as Alabamians.

In facing down the expansion of gambling, you not only upheld our shared conservative principles but also demonstrated remarkable resilience against the considerable pressure exerted by some of the most powerful players in Alabama politics. Your ability to prioritize the long-term interests and concerns of the citizens in your district over these external influences is both commendable and exemplary.

It is increasingly rare to find leaders willing to make such courageous decisions in the face of potential political and personal costs. Your actions remind us of the importance of standing firm for what is right, especially when it involves the well-being and moral fabric of our communities.

Your vote against expanding gambling in Alabama sends a strong message about the type of leadership and representation you offer: one that is rooted in integrity, puts the people first, and is unyielded by the winds of political convenience or pressure. This decision not only sets a high standard for others to follow but also reassures your constituents that their voices are heard and valued.

Please accept our heartfelt gratitude for your stance on this matter. Be assured of our continued support and the support of the silent majority of Alabamians who share our values. We stand ready to back you in your ongoing efforts to safeguard the best interests of Alabama and its people.

Thank you once again for your dedication and for being a true champion of the values we hold so dear.

With deepest appreciation and respect,

Patriots First Alabama

Ashely Hilburn

Angela Shepherd