Alabama House's Dire Misstep: Forges Ahead with Gambling Legalization and Expansion, Ignoring Public Concerns

In a move that has left us deeply disheartened, the Alabama House of Representatives with its Republican super majority recently passed legislation that would significantly expand gambling in our state. This proposed constitutional amendment as you know seeks to legalize a lottery, casinos, and sports betting, marking a significant shift in Alabama's stance on gambling​​. Please review our statement in the Issues Section.

It is with profound disappointment that we observe the passage of this amendment by a vote of 70-32, alongside a companion bill that outlines the operational specifics of the proposed gambling expansion​​. This development is particularly troubling given our longstanding opposition to gambling , which sees such measures as antithetical to the values we hold so dear.

However, it is with a sense of pride that we acknowledge the 32 Republicans in the House who stood firm in their opposition to this legislation. Their votes against the amendment reflect a commitment to the principles that Patriots First champions: integrity, morality, and the preservation of our community's fabric. These representatives have shown commendable resolve in resisting the push towards normalizing gambling, a move we believe would have far-reaching negative consequences for Alabama's social and economic well-being.

As this legislation now moves to the Senate, we strongly urge our senators to consider the long-term implications of such a drastic change to our state's constitution. The allure of short-term revenue cannot justify the erosion of our societal values and the potential for increased social issues that often accompany gambling. The Senate has an opportunity, and indeed a responsibility, to halt this progression and protect Alabama from the pitfalls seen in other states where gambling has been widely legalized.

The argument that this legislation will "clean up" illegal gambling by introducing a regulated framework is a facade that does not address the core issue at hand: the expansion of gambling itself is detrimental, regardless of its legality. Government should not endorse activities that are known to cause harm to its citizens for the sake of revenue.

We commend Governor Kay Ivey for her attempts to bring order to this issue through the creation of a study group on gambling policy. However, we believe that the solution does not lie in the expansion of gambling but in its restriction and eventual eradication​​.

In light of these developments, Patriots First calls upon all members and supporters to voice their opposition to the Senate's approval of these bills. Let us stand united in our conviction that Alabama's future should be built on principles of hard work, integrity, and community, not on the uncertain and  destructive foundation of gambling revenue. Our collective efforts can make a difference in ensuring that these measures do not become a part of our state's constitution. Please talk to your Senators and urge them in no uncertain terms to vote NO on HB 152 and HB 152.

Offcial Votes on HB 152

Letter of Appreciation to House Members who voted no